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Due to the effects of infectious diseases, which will continue to spread from 2020, it has become necessary to install acrylic plates and PVC film partitions to prevent the spread of droplets. To address this unknown issue, various methods have been created using readily available items such as POP stands, bookends, and PVC pipes. They were very free and ranged from the bare minimum structure to those with a unique sense of beauty. The freedom of manufacturing before ready-made goods were distributed and stereotypes were created was a very stimulating scene for those of us who make bags for a living.

As the market expands and matures as a genre, originality is required for products. In order to differentiate from competing products, materials with high scarcity value and original materials are sought, and these are spread in the market as slogans. Is it possible to form a single product by looking at materials that are abundant around us, discerning their properties, and using them as substitutes? The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us once again the roots of manufacturing. We hope that "ALTERNATIVE TOOL BAG" will be one of the new options.


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