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Rigmarole What is a pocket?

There are many types of backpacks, but the daypack type is an important item in constructing a brand. A classic straight shoulder harness in a sophisticated silhouette. The lower part is switched with velor leather of the same color, and the part that touches the body on the back side of the bottom is switched to nylon to prevent color transfer to clothing. Raschel mesh is used on the back of the interior to ensure moderate volume and cushioning.

The front pocket, which is a feature of the daypack type, is often made with the minimum number of parts due to the historical origin of the daypack. KaILI's DAYPACK emphasizes the three-dimensional effect by dividing the pocket into several parts, and has a structure that prevents the pocket from losing its shape when the zipper is opened and closed.

The open pocket that eliminates the zipper and Velcro hidden behind the front pocket is a specification that greatly shook convenience while ensuring maximum safety. It can be accessed while carrying a bag, and the frequency and purpose of use will change greatly depending on the user's personality and habits. Convenience is improved by using different zipper pockets according to the items to be stored and the situation.

Exterior Fastener pocket open pocket
Interior 16 inch PC sleeve pocket x 2
size W330mm×H480mm×D190mm (30L)
weight 680g

lining NYLON
attached POLYESTER

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