Collection: ECO bag


Summer 2020. Eco-bags were sweeping the market along with the charge for plastic shopping bags. If you turn on the evening news, there will be a special feature on eco-bags, and various comparisons will be made, such as that this one is 〇〇g and does not become a luggage, and that this one can be easily folded into a small size.

At first glance, the NOT COMPACT ECOBAG looks like an effect bag, but the upper part of the tote bag is stored inside the drawstring bag, making it easy to put in and take out. The capacity of the tote bag is almost doubled ( three 2L plastic bottles can be put in), so even if your luggage suddenly increases, you can handle it with just this one.

I've experienced many times when I couldn't find the key in front of the entrance on the way home from shopping. If you attach a key to the hook at the base of the handle of NOT COMPACT ECOBAG , it will come up when it transforms into a tote bag, so you won't lose sight of the key when it's buried in the things you bought.

KaILI sees eco bags from a different perspective than the pursuit of compactness and ease of folding. Instead of carrying the eco bag separately from the main bag, it is a NOT COMPACT eco bag that transforms the bag you carry around ( walkable ) into an eco bag.

* Transformation / TRANSFORMATION