Collection: clean and dirty


The clothes before and after the trip may coexist in the travel pouch. Originally it is in the same state, but it changes to a different state depending on the act of wearing. It's annoying to separate with a plastic bag in the pouch.

For example, let's say you take two sets of T-shirts and underwear and go on a trip for three days and two nights. On the first night, I take off the 0th set I was wearing and put on the 1st set. The 0th set (Dirty) and the 2nd set (Clean) coexist in the pouch. On the second night, take off the first set and put on the second set. The 0th set (Dirty) and the 1st set (Dirty) coexist in the pouch. When changing to the same type of clothes, you can see that basically the total amount of clothes in the pouch does not change.

If the inner bottom of the pouch is made into a movable partition so that it can be stored from both the lid (mesh side) and the bottom (nylon side), the overall capacity is constant and can be adjusted according to changes in the capacity of clean and dirty items. to change the size of the two rooms. But strangely, the clothes on the way home are more bulky than the clothes on the way out. If you push the insole to the outside (mesh side), the capacity will double and the mesh lid will fit neatly in the pocket. With this, you can safely store your clothes on the way home.