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An old man with a bent waist is walking slowly as if to balance while holding the mouth of a flimsy tote bag. Are you going shopping? Never sling it over your shoulder or hold it by the hand. I couldn't help but feel the aesthetic sense of the individual before it was popularized.

When I recall it in light of myself, the moment I pull the bag on the floor or the moment I take it out from the bag on my shoulder, I am unconsciously aware of it. I noticed that I was gripping the mouth of the bag in a non-dimensional consciousness). Squeezing the mouth is different from squeezing the handle, and does not require a higher level of consciousness.

So I thought about familiar containers and tubs. The "edge" that bends outward is supposed to be grasped unconsciously rather than a "handle" that is consciously grasped (like you can grasp it even with your eyes closed).

The thin nylon tote bag's mouth is covered with tape, which acts like a "edge" where fingers can hang from anywhere. If you put your hand along the bag, it will be caught in a trap (loop) somewhere. It can also be held in various ways, such as grabbing two diagonal traps.

I can't help but feel that the old man on the street was looking for a "edge" on the mouth of the bag.



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