Collection: Roll up your sleeves!


The transformation of the TRANSFORM BAG may be similar to the feeling of rolling up sleeves. It doesn't mean that you wear clothes with short sleeves, and it doesn't mean that the sleeves can be removed. I roll up my sleeves and try to finish it. If it's that hot, I wish I could take off my long sleeves and wear a T-shirt. Let's accept the current situation that sleeves are long, and try to do something about it. In addition, I'm working to make it look better with the sleeves rolled up. I want an equal relationship before and after I roll up my sleeves.

It was the heyday of eco bags. As plastic shopping bags became charged, the streets were overflowing with a wide variety of eco bags. It was necessary to change the size of the bag in order to handle the increase in luggage without preparing a separate eco bag. The fact that the bag changes size means that the function of scaling must be between the outer frame of the bag and the point of contact with the body (such as a handle or shoulder tape). It seemed very difficult to hide its bold features naturally.

Therefore, it has two points of contact with the body, and by changing the size, the form of contact with the body is switched. What determines the shape of the bag is the form of contact with the body. When the size changes, the type changes, but it's a series. In the TRANSFORM BAG, scaling and transformation (in the sense that the shape changes), two transformations are occurring at the same time.

It's like rolling up a long-sleeved shirt, and I feel like it's re-presenting the important feeling of putting both sides on the A side without being biased towards one or the other.