Collection: Zen Chi Bird


I try to aimlessly walk the streets during busy hours. The moment I misunderstand someone's habits or something, I go looking for it. One day, I was curious about the appearance of clutteredly holding the jackets that passers-by had taken off. Natural drape due to the weight of the jacket unconsciously hanging on the arm.

Another day, a scene from a period drama came to mind. The movement of putting coins in and out from the sleeve of the kimono with a flowing rhythm.

UTOU is shaped like a sleeve cut from a kimono, so you can put your luggage in and take it out from both sides of the unstitched upper half (just like putting your hands in your sleeves). The ambiguous construction of a piece of cloth and two strings makes us imagine various uses, and the movement of loading and unloading luggage is also beautiful.

The connection between the handle, the shoulder tape and the bag is an important detail. Whether it's emphasizing or concealing it, I emphasize a sense of rhythm. The two cords extend directly from the inner seam allowance, canceling out the connection element.

UTOU is named after the Noh play "Uto". Zenchidori is the name of a bird. It is said that when the parent bird cries “dozing off”, the offspring cries “yasukata”. There is a scene in which a monk meets the ghost of a hunter in the mountains and tears off one sleeve of the kimono he is wearing as evidence to tell his family that it is him. It is a tragic song that deeply depicts the anguish of people who make a living by killing.



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