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After all, I like public baths (the public bath here is a bath for living), and I try to carry shampoo and body soap as much as possible. The amenity pouch that I brought into the bathroom would inevitably get wet in the shower, and I always felt annoyed when I took it home.

W/D ONSEN POUCH is a reversible pouch, but it is not reversible in the sense that it can be used on both sides. The action of flipping it back and forth goes back and forth between WET and DRY. When the outside (WET) gets wet, you can turn it upside down and put the inside (DRY) on the outside so that your bag or car seat won't get wet on your way home. Say goodbye to cumbersome plastic bags. Also, if you put a face towel inside (DRY) , you won't accidentally get it wet. When you get home, put WET on the outside and it will return to DRY.

The two phenomena of getting wet (WET) and drying (DRY) are antonyms, but they are not separated from each other, and DRY is in a state of tension that can be reversed by WET at any time. WET will return to DRY over time. WET is defined by the presence of DRY, and DRY is defined by the presence of WET. Instead of completely separating WET and DRY, it is an amenity pouch for bath lovers by bath lovers that coexist and go back and forth between each other .



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