Collection: nested structure


Inside becomes outside and outside becomes inside.
I thought about this after I started facing the issue of camera bags. Cushioning material that is indispensable for camera bags. The impact of the cushioning material on the texture of the bag is remarkable. The S/H series also took on the challenge of separating the bag from the cushioning material, but it was an incomparably more difficult task to naturally carry a camera as a device than a computer and its surroundings.

One of the solutions we came up with was a nested structure. A matryoshka, a scaler, or a fractal structure.

Pouches of various sizes and materials interfere with each other and become outside and inside. It is feature addition and feature subtraction. For example, if you attach a cushion pouch for a camera to the inside of a large shoulder pouch, it will still look like a camera bag. Similarly, it is possible to add a PC sleeve and a pouch (as a pocket). In addition, all interiors retain an appearance that can withstand the exterior.

No change in appearance. The difficulty of understanding is the goodness of this product, and it is also difficult. (Although we shouldn't forget the existence of the mesh pouch that takes advantage of that structure.) However, the pouch connected to the inside has established a unique usability that is different from a pocket or a so-called pouch. .